Player Leaves Game

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Player Leaves Game

Post by SpyMaster on Thu Apr 10, 2008 6:54 pm

Player Leaves Game

This is really quick..
Explaining When Player leaves the game it will send a message.

The Event you will put all the players in your game.I will use Red,Blue,Teal.

Now Comes The Action.No Condition Needed... WOOOOOO. Action you will send a message to all player of the game which will use Concatenate Strings... (String 1+String 2) One will Me Name of Triggering Player and the Other will be Has left the game ... (Start with a _ [Space] or it will look like this Worldedithas left the game (With no space).

Fully Looking like this.

As u well know Your Best Tutorial Maker
SpyMaster,Azoroth =-)

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