A Hero Pick Sistem

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A Hero Pick Sistem

Post by SpyMaster on Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:08 pm


This will explain to you how to how to create a way for Players to pick Hero.

First You will need to create a Area with Shades , Wisps or other unit you will use to choose players hero.(In My Map Example)

When you have created the certain area you will need to create a Circle Of Power which behind it will have the hero you are going to choose. (Just like in Angle Arena).

I will be using BladeMaster as a example to pick a hero.

Your Going to have to create a separate Region for all heros.
The Events. The event ill contain a unit enters "Ex. Region".
(I am Using BladeMaster as a example so i will Create a Region named BladeMaster Pick)
The Event are Like This....

Then Your Going to have to create a Condition so a player wont Summon a unit in the Region or Blink there hero in.
If Your Going to use a shade like i am Do This...

Then Comes the Action that will happen if these two things are true.
First You will have to create a hero (Or a unit) At The Region of your choice.(I am going to use revive because Revive And Where i want to put the hero are around the same idea)
Then You Will Pan Camera to the Region of where the hero is created.
And finally you will kill the "Shade" or any other unit you picked to get the hero so the player wont Spam heros.
I Did ....

All Together You should get But With "Hero" and "Regions" Changed...

To Show you how to do it i made a map...
rapidshare.com Tutorial.w3x.html

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Re: A Hero Pick Sistem

Post by ZeroX2)Fire on Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:26 am

Simple, but very useful! Keep up with the work spymaster Very Happy!

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